The Talensis have existed as a homogeneous people with a common language and cultural practices. We have an integration of both the "Tindaana” and Chieftaincy institutions setup, mutually and richly blended to enhance peaceful co-existence. We have lived under a common traditional authority – one paramountcy with sixteen ( 16) divisional chiefs and other sub-Chiefs. We are basically farmers engaged in crop and animal husbandry.


During the First Repubic, the Tongo Local Council, with its own District Commissioner, was established with headquarters as Tong. The Talensi Constituency was also created with headquarters as Tongo. When the Second Republic was in place, the government restructured the administrative boundaries and abolished the local councils. The Talensi Traditional Area was then merged with the Bolga District Council to form the Bolga-Tongo Urban Council.

However, in 1988, in the wisdon of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) the administrative boundaries were reviewed and new District assemblies were created. It is worth noting that the Talensi Constituency was considered as one of the Districts with headquarters as Tongo. The Nabdams who were included within the boundary objected to the location of headquarters. This we believe has resulted in the delay for the creation of the Talensi District.